Financial Literacy Skills for Every Age

Most parents agree that they should teach their kids about money --but they just don't know where to start. That's why we created this page. Like any other lessons, financial literacy lesson for kids should be relevant, age appropriate, and engaging.  Here is our list of thehandful of skills you should be focused on during the early childhood, middle school and high school years for your child. 


Early Childhood

Early Childhood is absolutely the best time to start teaching your kids about money. Data shows that kids can grasp the concept of saving as early as the age of five.  By 2 years old your child has figured out sharing or not --and by 3 he or she might even be a pro at it. So what are the key skills to focus on if you hav a toddler? Check out our list below. 

Money- Middle Schooler.png

Middle School

Middle School is such a pivotal time in a child's life. During this period, your child is learning to juggle peer pressure, school activities, and their own independence. This is also the time to children begin to develop their own financial habits and identity. What other skills are important in middle school? Check out our list below. 


High School

By high school, your child is becoming a young adult.  Preparing your child for the perils of bad financial decision-making is a must. But don't fret. It doesnt have to get too complicated. Here is our list of skills/concepts your child should master before walking across that stage.