Money Skills For Your Middle Schooler

Middle School is such a pivotal time in a child's life. During this period, your child is learning to juggle peer pressure, school activities, and their own independence. This is also the time that children begin to develop their own financial habits and personal identity. What are the most important money skills in middle school? Check out our list below.

Financial habits and norms – According to the CFPB’s youth building blocks of financial capability, middle school is the timeframe when students begin to build their financial habits and norms. These norms include how they view money, how they handle money, and how they feel about having or not having enough money. Middle school also represents a critical opportunity for parents to set a solid foundation of healthy money habits. Children learn financial habits through observation of the adults and caregivers closest to them. In addition, outside influences play a significant role in the lives of middle schoolers. Interactions with friends, individuals in the community, television/internet advertising all impact your child’s view of money.

Teaching Tip: The best way to teach positive financial habits and norms, is to be intentional about them and model them!