Raising money conscious children doesn't have to be hard.

Smartchoicemoms.com is a community of financially empowered parents (mostly moms) dedicated to raising bright, money saavy, tech saavy, socially responsible children.

$martChoiceMoms (SCM) money management rule of thumb for kids: Give, Go, Grow. Yes.. it IS just that simple.
We are excited to share that our children's book Ayo's Money Jar won the 2017 Independent Author Legacy Awards Children's Book of the Year. Check out footage from the awards ceremony here.



Give (Sharing)

No matter if your family has a little or a lot, there will always be someone out there with less. Children need to be taught to be grateful for what they do have --and we as parents have to be disciplined about letting our children know when enough is enough. One of the most effective ways to teach giving is to model that behavior. Teaching the importance of giving will help your child develop compassion and empathy for others. Find out more about teaching the concept of giving here. 

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Go (Spending)

Spending control is by far the most difficult aspect of money management. The easiest way to control your spending is by having a budget. Every family no matter how rich they are needs a budget. Like giving, one of the most effective ways to teach spending control is to model that behavior by having and using a budget. If it is difficult for you as parent to control your spending, then it will most likely become difficult for your children. Teaching our children to be grateful for what they have is directly linked to establishing guidelines for spending. Coming Soon --More information about teaching spending control and budgeting here.

Grow (Saving/Investing)

Saving is such an important part of building wealth for your family. Wealth building is a slow, focused, disciplined process that happens over time. Every family should have savings and investing goals no matter where they are on the earning spectrum. If you only earn a little, plan to save and invest a little until you are able to earn more. Modeling this behavior for your children is important as well. Children should be taught to not only be savers, but investors, and earners. Coming Soon - More information about teaching saving and investing here.